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Jacqui Rigby

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I believe that over 95% of the stuff available is already on this website [Vintage Erotica Forum] – I was hoping to honour Jacqui by creating, her own thread like Mary Millington’s. I believe that Jacqui was more prominent in the era of British ’70 porn than she is credited with. I’ve tried to catalogue her performances and appearances from when she started to her giving up this career from about ’72 her in her first appearance in Aktmalerei to her last in Fussball about ’77. She appeared in many mags like Pleasure 2 and 6, softcore mags like Whitehouse, softcore films like ‘Secrets of a Superstud’ and hardcore films like ‘Diversion’. She has also had many changes of appearance from short dark brown hair, to shoulder-length red hair and strawberry blonde hair. She has been on playing cards and started with all the leading performers from this era (MM, Heather Deeley, Clyda Rosen, Janet Adler, Etc.), She also ran the John Lindsay model agency ‘Ragdolls’ recruiting other female performers… There is some confusion about her ID; some call her XNK0648 or jacky rigby / Jacqui Rigby. I am hoping to tidy up all this by creating her thread. – Jacqui Rigby’s No 1 Fan


Jacky Rigby (XNK0648)

197* – Wandervogel – shot in a holiday camp in Brixham, Devon, England, with her boyfriend (at the time) and another couple while they all have sex on the bed (no partner swapping). Credit to Horatio

197* – Aktmalerei – Art class in a classroom-based loop with 3 girls / 4 men. Credit to Dudsalute

197* – School Teachers Orgy (silent)– Starts with 2 girls (in school uniform) putting up posters in a classroom (Jacky and Kelly Francis), Jacky looks through the keyhole of the teacher’s room and sees 2 male and 2 female teachers having sex. Jacky and Kelly then begin to fondle and caress each other, and then they return to the classroom and lesbian sex. Credit to – unavailable

197* – Sex after School (silent) – Schoolgirl (Kelly Francis) returns home and greets her father, who’s reading a newspaper; she goes to her room and opens a package. Inside are is some lingerie (pink) which she puts on. She is then joined by Jacky, who then tries on the pants. Jacky and Kelly then have lesbian sex until the father catches them, He throws Jacky out of the house and returns, begins to spank and then has sex with Kelly. Credit to – unavailable

197* – Schoolgirl Incest – This time, its Jacky who plays the dutiful daughter and Kelly who plays the friend that leaves when the father figure gets home. Jacky fetches his pipe, slippers and much more – Credit to – unavailable

197* – Schoolgirl Pussy – Again, Kelly and Jacky explore each other (maybe a shorter version of ‘sex after school’ – Credit to – unavailable

197* – Photo – part of a set from ‘Janus’ mag (no evidence) – maybe I’m just hoping. Credit to tomesing

197* – Anticipation (she’s not in the Loop) – photos In JL flat with Janet Adler & Roger Nelson. Credit to St Rocks

197* – Pleasure 6 (not released till 1975) – Credit to Erdnuss

197* – Diversion – dressed as the commanding officer, has a lesbian encounter with Heather Deeley. Another of the male guards (maybe one of the same guys who play one the teacher from Aktmalerei) joins in with Jacky and Heather; Heather greatly delight helping him put his penis up Jacky’s arse while Jacky is licking Heather’s fanny. Credit to Schratt

197* – Sex is my Business (softcore) – shop assistant with Mary Millington + others; Jacki has sex with a black male. Credit to Argoman

197* – Hot Flesh / Orgy (cover)(softcore) – Jacky + 2 other girls, and 3 guys play strip poker, then all swap partners and disperse through the house for sex. Credit to Argoman

197* – Pleasure 2 – (Jacky, Paul Kirby, UWF) photo shoot in JL flat, same Cast as Die Lollos. Credit to Erdnuss

197* – Das Vögeln ist des Mannes Lust – 3 girls go to the Tower of London. 2 of them (Jacky and XNK0635) join with 2 beefeaters for sexual pleasure. Only photo evidence is available, although the film’s cover has been shown on VEF – it was also published in the magazine Pleasure 16 and Whitehouse 19 (softcore photos only). Credit to Erdnuss

197* – goldene-Berge – Again, in the JL flat, a group of people are having sex; Jacky walks in, in a golden dress and sits next to a guy; they have sex doggy style. Credit to Exfarmer

197* – Handyman / Crazy for Sex (softcore) – Jacky and Howard Vanderhorn at his house, having sex. Credit to Argoman

197* – Boy / Girl set 19 – Credit to Kenmil4

197* – Secret of a superstud – Jacky plays a masseur and has oral sex with her client (softcore), one of the few time we hear Jacky’s real voice Credit to Beutelwolf

197* – Can you keep it up for a week – Jacky is seen naked in the swimming pool. Credit to

197* – Die Lollos(German sound) / Airplane (English sound) – Credit to Blue126

197* – Sin Party (or Satin Party) – Non-Sex scene – Jacky get out of the taxi with two other girls and pays the taxi driver; all 3 girls go to the house. The other 2 girls go upstairs and join in an orgy; Jacky is seen leaving when the police raid the party. Credit to Denaniel

197* – Dr Ficke – rumour has it that the male in this was a real-life relative of Jacky’s (Uncle / Brother / Cousin) and that she brought him to the film shoot, that’s why she doesn’t have sex with him, although he does feel her breasts – she wanks him off, plays with him to get him hard again for sex and grabs his testicle while he’s having sex with another girl. Credit to Zushiomaru

197* – Fussball – group (3) men (Roger Nelson) play sport then go for a shower, group of girls (2) also go to their changing room and start to have a lesbian encounter while the men watch. They burst in, and the group split up 1 girl / 1 man and 1 girl (Jacky) and 2 men. Then all five of them join together to form a sex chain. Credit to cc79
Jacqui Rigby’s No 1 Fan

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