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Susana Giménez

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Susana Giménez

In this Spanish name, the first or paternal surname is Giménez, and the second or maternal family name is Aubert.

Born María Susana Giménez Aubert
29 January 1944 (age 79)
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Occupation(s) Host, businesswoman, actress, model, vedette
Years active 1968–present

Mario Sarrabayrouse (1962–1967)
Carlos Monzón (1974–1978)
Ricardo Darín (1978–1987)
Huberto Roviralta (1988–1998)

María Susana Giménez Aubert (born 29 January 1944), known as Susana Giménez (Spanish pronunciation: [suˈsana xiˈmenes]), is an Argentine TV host, actress, model and businesswoman. In 2012, she was considered the biggest celebrity in Argentine television by the media firm that publishes her eponymous magazine.

She hosted Susana Giménez, a highly-rated television variety show in Argentina, similar in format to those of Raffaella Carrà (in Italy and Spain) and Oprah Winfrey (in the United States). In 1997, she was awarded the Golden Martín Fierro Award, and in 2002, she won the INTE award for TV Hostess of the Year.

Early life

Giménez was the daughter of María Luisa Sanders, of Irish descent, and Augusto Giménez Aubert, of Spanish descent. She had a hard childhood, tainted by her parent’s separation. She studied in Quilmes and graduated from La Anunciata Collegiate as a primary school teacher, a profession she never practised. Before becoming famous, Giménez worked as an executive secretary for a couple of years for a large factory.

At 19 years old, she became a model and made her name in a TV commercial for Cadum, a brand of French soap. Most of her subsequent film career was in adult-oriented comedies, acting opposite Alberto Olmedo, Jorge Porcel, and fellow vedette Moria Casán. Giménez has acted in over 30 films, including the cult film La Mary and ten plays. In 2008, Giménez launched her magazine, Susana, published by La Nación. She is featured on the cover of every issue. She had her fashion doll and has endorsed two fragrances.

Personal life
In 1962, aged 17, she married businessman Mario Sarabayrouse. A year later, she gave birth to her only daughter, Mercedes Sarabayrouse Giménez.
In 1970 she starred in ‘La Mary’, a film directed by Daniel Tinayre, where she met Carlos Monzón, a notorious Argentine boxer with whom she started a relationship that lasted two years. For nine years, she was in a relationship with actor Ricardo Darín, who was thirteen years younger. They ended up on good terms, remaining great friends. Susana would invite the actor as her show’s first guest every year.
In 1988 she married Huberto Roviralta, a polo player, whom she divorced in 1998. She had to pay ten million dollars to Roviralta as a divorce settlement.
From her daughter Mercedes, Giménez has two grandchildren, Lucía and Manuel. In private, her family and friends call her “Su”, a practice that her fans have adopted.


El gran robo 1968
Story of a Poor Young Man 1968 Extra
En mi casa mando yo 1968 Jodie Swearingen
Tiro de gracia 1969 Laucha
Fuiste mía un verano 1969 Aquella Mujer
Sótano Beat 1969 Television (Canal 13)
Los mochileros 1970 Alejandra
El mundo es de los jóvenes 1970
Matrimonios y algo más 1970–1972 Various Television series (Canal 13)
Martín Fierro Award for Best New Actress (1970)
La buscona 1971
Así es Buenos Aires 1971
Los neuróticos 1971
Todos los pecados del mundo 1972
Vení conmigo 1972
He nacido en la ribera 1972 Susana
La piel del amor 1973
La Mary 1974 Mary
Mi novia el… 1975 Dominique / María Isabel
Tú me enloqueces 1976
Los Hombres sólo piensan en eso 1976 Susana
Un toque diferente 1977
Basta de mujeres 1977
Yo también tengo fiaca! 1978 Marta
Donde duermen dos… duermen tres 1979 Martha
El rey de los exhortos 1979 Susana Lezama
Alberto y Susana 1980 Susana Television sketch comedy show (Canal 13)
A los cirujanos se les va la mano 1980
Las mujeres son cosa de guapos 1981
Un terceto peculiar 1981 Susana Sanguinetti
Hola Susana 1987 Herself Television talk show (ATC)
Me sobra un marido 1987 Corina
Hola Susana 1988–1990 Herself Television talk show (Canal 9)
Hola Susana, te estamos llamando 1991–1997 Herself Television talk show (Telefe)
Susana Gimenéz 1998–present Herself Television talk show (Telefe)
Esa maldita costilla 1999 Azucena
Tetro 2009 Herself Cameo appearance
Delirium 2014 Herself, as President of Argentina[16]
El host 2018 Herself
Porno y Helado 2022 Roxana 2 episodes
LOL: Last One Laughing Argentina 2023 Herself

Martín Fierro Awards

Martín Fierro Award for Best entertainment show (1995)
Gold Martín Fierro Award (1995)
Martín Fierro Award for Best female host (1996)
Martín Fierro Award for Best female host (1997)
Martín Fierro Award for Best female host (1998)
Martín Fierro Award for Best female host (2000)
Paoli Award for Best integral show (2000)
Martín Fierro Award for Best female host (2001)
Martín Fierro Award for Best female host (2002)
Martín Fierro Award for Best entertainment show (2005)
Martín Fierro Award for Best female host (2006)
Martín Fierro Award for Trajectory (2007)
Martín Fierro Award for Best entertainment show (2008)
Martín Fierro Award for Best entertainment show (2009)
Platinum Martín Fierro Award (2010)
Martín Fierro Award for Best entertainment show (2011)
Martín Fierro Award for Best female host (2012)
Martín Fierro Award for Trajectory (2012)
Martín Fierro Best New Actress for Marriageand more (1969)
Martín Fierro for best entertainment programwithHola Susana (1994)
Martín Fierro de Oro (1995)
Martín Fierro Best Female talk show host (1995)
Martín Fierro Best Female talk show host (1998)
Martín Fierro Best Female talk show host (1999)
Martín Fierro Best Female talk show host (2000)
Martín Fierro Best Female talk show host (2001)
Martín Fierro for best entertainment program for Susana Gimenez (2004)
Martín Fierro Best Female Host (2005)
Martín Fierro Recognition (2006)
Martín Fierro for best entertainment program for Susana Gimenez (2007)
Martín Fierro for best entertainment program for Susana Gimenez (2008)
Martín Fierro of Platin (2009)
Martín Fierro of Platin for Hola Susana (2010)
Martín Fierro for best entertainment program for Susana Gimenez (2011)
Martín Fierro Best Female talk show host (2012)
Martín Fierro for the trajectory of 25 years of her program (2012)


Other awards

Sea Star with Woman of the Year (1983)
Carlos ’86 with Woman of the Year (1986)
Konex to musical actress of the decade (1991)
Prensario (1991)
Broadcasting (1993)
Distinction Argentores (1995)
Prensario (1993)
Prensario (1995)
Golden Cap (1995) Gente Magazine (star that tops took over, 128 times)
Broadcasting (1996)
Paoli best comprehensive program (2000)
Paoli to the most popular figure (2000)
Llave de Puerto Rico (2001)
Paoli to the international career (2002)
INTE TV HISPANIC TV the cheerleader of the year (2002)
Clarín, the best TV host (2004)
Profile to the best production with current celebrity (2005)
Cover Caras (2005) (210 times)
FUNDTV the best entertainment: Susana Giménez: The Unbeatable (2005)
People of Peru to the prime abroad program (2005)
Llave de Punta del Este (2004)
Bal Habour Key (2004)
Latin Grammy Presidency, awarded to the successful Argentina conducive for his help in promoting and spread the music of Latino artists (2008)
Pléyade Magazine Award for “Susana” (2008)
Award “Referrer” by the “International Foundation Young Leaders” (2009)
Godmother of the National Festival of the Sun (2009–2010)
Godmother of the Favaloro Foundation (2009)
Career Silver Condor Award (2014)

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