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Art career

Photo credit Martin Slidel

In 1991, Nolan moved to Andalusia in Spain to a rural farmhouse in the mountains where she practised permaculture. It was here that she became a visual artist.

As a visual artist, Nolan produced graphic and sometimes grotesque photo montages assembled from cut-outs of her early publicity photographs. These pieces concern “a unique and personal dialogue intrinsically related to a view of a woman and how a woman is viewed.” She exhibited in London at venues including the Brick Lane Gallery (2009), The Misty Moon Gallery (2013) and Gallery Different (2013), whilst Kemistry Gallery holds a screen-print.[18] In 2007, Nolan moved back to London.[19][20]

In 2009, early publicity shots of Nolan inspired screen-prints by Brighton-based graffiti artist Hutch. Nolan’s work in photo montage was also selected for the front cover of Playerist Poetry magazine (No. 2, 2012). In 2013, her artwork featured in the group show Equals: exploring feminism through Art and Conversation at Blankspace Manchester; the press release quoted,

“Her voice carries alongside universal debate on socio-sexual hierarchies in the age of mass media.”


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