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Ensign Ful-Vue II

“The Ful-Vue camera is very simple. It consists of a light-tight box. In front of the box, there is a hole over which the lens is fixed. Behind this hole is the shutter. There is a second lens in a second box above it. This produces a picture on the viewfinder on top of the camera. In the back of the box is another hole covered by a red window. This helps you in winding the film on, which you do by the knob at the side of the box near the top.” [Marcel Natkin].

The earliest Ful-Vue version of 1939 was a typical box camera with a back door but with the characteristic big viewfinder. Like other box cameras, it had a back door and an inner camera part which could be taken out of the box to load the film. Pictures were 6×6cm on 120 films. The cameras had two shutter settings; instant, which was 1/30th of a second and time which kept the shutter open until you pressed it again. All later models are the same.

Source: http://camera-wiki.org

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