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The Halina 35X is a 35 mm viewfinder camera made by Haking in Hong Kong (China)



Halina 35X

The Halina 35X is a 35 mm viewfinder camera made by Haking in Hong Kong (China). It is a copy of the Ranger 35 made by Nihon Seiki. It’s pretty compact but heavy. It has the general layout of a miniature Leica, rather like the Yamato Pax 35, though it is not of the same quality. The camera’s back and bottom are one part that has to be removed to load a film. In the examples pictured, the shutter must be cocked before each exposure, with a lever on the lens tube. On some examples, however, perhaps later ones, the shutter is cocked by advancing the film. On the bottom, the camera has the imprinting “Empire made” (ones marked “MADE IN HONG KONG” exist too). Haking produced the 35X for its own brand Halina and the brands Micronta and Sunscope.


Type: viewfinder camera

Year of launch: 1959

Film format: 24 x 36 mm on standard 35 mm film

Lens: 1:3.5 / 45mm Halina Anastigmat (triplet, front and rear elements single coated, middle element uncoated)

Focus: Scaled in feet, from 3 ft to infinity


Two-bladed leaf shutter, with speeds 1/25-1/200 seconds plus B. The shutter is not between the lens elements but behind the lens.

It is synchronised for flash (‘M’-synchronisation with a PC socket on the lens tube. Cold shoe on top of the camera.

Aperture: 1:3.5-1:16<sup id=”cite_ref-3″ class=”reference”></sup> without detents.

Film advance: Winding knob, with mechanical frame counter (this counts downwards in the example examined).

Rewind: Knob. Film rewind-release is beside the shutter button (as pictured) or on the base in some examples.

Filter size: accepts A36 (36mm) push-on or clamp-on filters (same as collapsible Elmar etc.).

The shutter release button is threaded for a cable release.

1/4 inch tripod socket in the base.

Dimensions (width x height x depth): 114 x 76 x 67 mm(4½ x 3 x 2⅝ inch)

Weight: 550 g (without lens cap or film)

Source: http://camera-wiki.org/wiki/Halina_35X

The camera in my collection is marked as “MADE IN HONG KONG.”

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