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Type: Solid Body Eyelevel Rollfilm

Introduced: 1960



Kodak Brownie Cresta 3

Type: Solid Body Eyelevel Rollfilm

Introduced: 1960

Discontinued: 1965

Film Size: 120

Picture Size: 2 1/4″ X 2 1/4″

Manufactured: UK

Lens: Dakon F/11 Fixed Focus With Closeup Lens

Shutter: Single Speed 1/40 Second


The Brownie Cresta 3 has a moulded plastic body with a grey top and plain lens panel, screw and pin flash contacts, optical direct vision finder with bright-line corner marks for Superslide format, and two apertures.

The Brownie Cresta 3 had the top changed to grey, with a “Kodak” label on an added panel beside the viewfinder and restyled lens surround. The Kodet lens was replaced with an f/11 Dakon with no close-up option; due to the increasing popularity of the colour film, the yellow filter was replaced by a second aperture stop. The apertures were labelled as 12 & 13, as Exposure Values. The viewfinder had marks for the new “Superslide” format.

Fun Facts:

This was the last Brownie Cresta model manufactured. It was redesigned with a more angular style moulded plastic body, a grey top, a plain lens panel, and a change from a glass Kodet to a less expensive acrylic Dakon lens with two apertures. Like its predecessors, the Cresta and Cresta II cameras used 120 films for a large 6cm X 6cm negative image. However, camera shake can be problematic because of the relatively slow shutter speed.

Source: http://camerapedia.wikia.com



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