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This model is from 1962

Kodak Argentina



Kodak Brownie Fiesta Camara

This model is from 1962

Kodak Argentina

Specification (Argentine model)

Type: viewfinder camera

Manufacturer: Kodak Buenos Aires, Argentina

Years of production: 1962 to 1970

Film: roll film of type No. 127

Lens: 1:11 meniscus lens


The Kodak Brownie Fiesta was a viewfinder camera for 127 films. Kodak produced many Brownie Fiestas at a plant in Buenos Aires (Argentina), typically labelled Cámara rather than “camera.” The Brownie Fiesta 3 and Brownie Fiesta R4 were minor revisions.

Type: Solid Body Eyelevel Rollfilm

Introduced: March 1962

Discontinued: June 1966

Film Size: 127

Picture Size: 1 5/8 X 1 5/8″

Manufactured: the US, Spain and Argentina

Lens: Meniscus F/11

Shutter: Single Speed 1/40 Second

Numbers Made:?

Original Price: $5.95



The Brownie Fiesta has a moulded plastic body with a transparent plastic front cover lens plate. This simple camera has an optical direct vision finder.



1962-Oct 1965: The Brownie Fiesta was available in the familiar two-tone grey and silver model.

May 1965-June 1966: A two-tone dark and light blue replaced the original model.


Mar 1966-Mar 1970: The Brownie Fiesta R4 was modified and improved with the addition of a flashcube socket for convenience, replacing the 2-pronged single flashbulb attachment. It has a grey front with a silver lens plate.

For additional Fiesta models with colour and name changes, see below.


Some models were made with other colour schemes that are not in any official information from Eastman Kodak or The Eastman House Museum that I can find.


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